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Get ready to lose your heartand your bank accountto a couple of sexy sirens in this “vastly enjoyable comedy” (People)! With a “first-rate cast” (The New York Times) that includesSigourney Weaver, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ray Liotta, Jason Lee and Oscar�(r) winner* Gene Hackman, this hilarious laugh-riot is “smart and funny” (Joel Siegel, “Good Morning America”)! When it comes to conning millionaires, Page Conners (Hewitt) and her mother Max (Weaver) are real pros. Max lures them to the altar, then Page leads them into temptation and a hefty divorce settlement! Now they’re about to strike gold with the ultimate sting: a wealthy, wheezing tobacco tycoon (Hackman). But before they can seal the deal, Page breaks the cardinal rule of the con and falls in love! Now Max must convince Page to hold on to her heart and the tobacco fortune or lose the best partner in crime she’ll ever have! *1992: Supporting Actor, Unforgiven; 1971: Actor, The French Connection

Heartbreakers wants to be a distaff variation of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, compensating for lack of intelligence with ample cleavage provided by Sigourney Weaver and (especially) Jennifer Love Hewitt. This alone should draw plenty of drooling guys who will enjoy the scenery and affirm the movie’s depiction of men as lecherous idiots. And what scenery it is! Gussied up in trampy glamour, Weaver and Hewitt play mom-and-daughter grifters with a devious routine: Max (Weaver) lures wealthy cads into marriage, and then daughter Page (Hewitt) seduces them, so Mom can discover the infidelity and fleece the chump in divorce court. They’ve just scammed the boss of a hot-car ring (Ray Liotta) and now it’s on to Palm Beach, Florida, where they’ll dupe a wheezing tobacco baron (Gene Hackman) and retire to the good life. Or so they think…

Armed with the same airheaded humor he brought to Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, director David Mirkin relies on the clich�d notion that sex turns all men into morons–a conceit that would have worked if the dialogue and sitcom antics were more convincing. As Page’s would-be paramour, Jason Lee is rendered intellectually inert, and it’s hit-or-miss from that point forward. When the humor hits–as it does with Nora Dunn’s rendition of a horrible housemaid–Heartbreakers hints at its full potential. Additional plot twists–not to mention Hewitt’s microskirts and Wonderbras–may hold your attention, but you may find yourself harkening back to Steve Martin, Michael Caine, and those happier high jinks on the French Riviera. Singer-songwriter Shawn Colvin has a cameo role as the wedding priest. –Jeff Shannon

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